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Monday Media is a Social Media Marketing Agency helping individuals and businesses work on their abilities and turn that into big numbers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the perspective through which people look at social media. Your content can be a game-changer if you plan and execute it the right way. Your followers can be your customers if targeted the right ones. Social media is different when it comes to business and that is the business we look forward to offering you.

What We Do

Why Choose Us

We at Mondaymedia not only focus on your Social Media content but also deep dive into your insights to work on the bigger picture. We shake hands with those who are seeking long term results.

Our 6-D Process



Before you can fix a problem, you need to know what the problem is, and what the perfect solution needs to be.



Define the problem so that we are all on the same page. Depending on the problem, we will define a solution and map it out for you, step by step.



We will custom design a solution for you. Depending on the requirements, that may involve creating a new content strategy for you, or brining more sales.



Once you are satisfied with the design, we develop a custom solution for you. 



This is where everything starts to get real for you. We will deploy a live version of your solution so that you can see first-hand how the solution will work, honk the horn and ring the bells.



Once we are satisfied that you are delighted with your new solution, and only then, will we hand you the keys.

But we don’t just hand you the keys and let you drive off into the sunset, we will work with you so that you are completely familiar with the solution, and are happy to recommend us to your friends!

Some Numbers

Satisfied Clients
Projects Completed
1 M
No. of People Reached
$ 1 K

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